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CWF eligibility transition
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About Us

ABILITY® Network Inc is a leading healthcare technology company, trusted by thousands of hospitals, home health care agencies, hospices, skilled nursing facilities, DME and other healthcare providers throughout the U.S. ABILITY provides a broad suite of innovative workflow tools to help manage the administrative complexities of healthcare. ABILITY is headquartered in Minneapolis, with anchor offices in Boston and Tampa, and satellite offices
across the country.

Security you can trust

ABILITY has consistently met the highest standards of support and security for protected healthcare information. We are fully accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC); certified by the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) via their CORE program; and approved by CMS as a Network Service Vendor and a Health Information Handler (HIH).

Latest News

  • Industry News

    HETS updated with new information
    In preparation for the upcoming CMS-mandated elimination of CWF eligibility inquiries, the HETS system has now been updated to return more information. View the screenshots on the ABILITY HETS page.

    Are you ready for the CWF to HETS transition? If you currently use CWF to obtain Medicare health insurance eligibility information, you will need to transition to the HETS system soon . . . read more

    CMS reduces submitter ID inactivity timeout period
    CMS has announced a change to the submitter ID inactivity timeout, reducing the timeout period from 90 days to 60 days. This impacts EDI submitters nationwide for every Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). It does not impact DDE. The announcement occurs in CMS PUB 100-25 Appendix B, Page 7.

    Beginning August 1, 2014, submitter IDs that are not accessed or logged into every sixty (60) days will be disabled for inactivity. Contact your MAC for more information, including reactivation processes.

  • ABILITY News

    ABILITY | EASE Now Serving Over 9,000 Providers
    Over 9,000 hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare, and hospice providers across the United States are now using ABILITY | EASE to manage their Medicare reimbursement activities. ABILITY | EASE is a ground-breaking workflow management service that simplifies time-consuming Medicare Direct Data Entry (DDE) processes and gives providers more control over their cash flow . . . read more

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