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How Predictive Analytics Create Long-term Patient Care Improvements

It’s hard to plan long-term care improvements when you’re focused on the immediate needs of the present. Between attending to patient emergencies, making time to see new patients and managing the day-to-day workflow of your skilled nursing facility, there’s practically no time to sit down and anticipate future needs. This is just one reason why […]

Skilled Nursing and Infection Prevention: 3 Strategies to Start Using Right Away

When did your facility last experience an infection outbreak? How many patients did it affect? In the United States, 1 in 3 million serious infections occur in long-term care facilities – and of those, 380,000 cases lead to death each year. It’s a serious issue that can’t be ignored. But unfortunately, not all long-term care […]

Continuing the Care Cycle: 3 Things You Can Learn from Tracking Patient Data

Patient care is an ongoing effort. Its success relies heavily on regular caretaker interventions, and it’s partially dependent on how invested a patient is in their well-being. Patient data also plays a role in the coordination and effectiveness of care. When skilled nursing professionals are able to easily understand the recurring trends of their patients’ […]

3 Healthcare IT Trends to Watch This Year

It’s easy to see how the relationship between technology and healthcare can benefit providers and patients in theory. But, it’s much harder for healthcare leaders to determine the most effective use of technology. Between the various tools and applications available and ever-changing healthcare IT trends, healthcare leaders are constantly having to adapt. They must have […]

How Predictive Analytics and Insights Can Improve Market Share

The post-acute care market is becoming more competitive every day. Hospitals’ selectiveness in referral networks is increasing as multiple new providers enter the market. This means your organization needs a stronger competitive strategy in order to maintain market share and continue to grow. Luckily, predictive analytics and insights can help you easily identify the opportunities […]

Tips on Introducing Value-Based Quality Care to the Day-to-Day Operations of Your Organization

As healthcare continues to embrace value-based care, it’s increasingly important for organization leaders to be on-trend. Those who can quickly implement this way of thinking and operating will see an increase in patient engagement as a result of higher quality care. Those who struggle to embrace value-based care will fall behind as consumers turn to […]

Why We Need Data: Understanding How Healthcare IT Improves the Patient, Provider and Payer Experience

Manual processes increase the risk that a healthcare organization wastes time, makes mistakes and misses out on potential earnings. They can hinder the patient experience and put a strain on relationships with payers. These are just a few reasons why some healthcare leaders invest in the support of technology. However, of those who use advanced […]