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Remove Barriers to Getting Paid Quickly

Is your office staff stressed by insurance requirements? Running a successful practice often means hours of staff time managing eligibility, pre-authorization, claims processing, reprocessing and tracking reimbursement. ABILITY specializes in getting you paid fully, fairly and quickly by streamlining the critical flow between you and commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid. All so you can focus on what matters most – patient care.

  • Keep your revenue flowing by using ABILITY | CHOICE All-Payer Claims as a connector to more than 3,000 commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid. We rapidly resolve your claims and advise you of remittances.
  • Minimize labor-intensive manual processes with ABILITY | CHOICE Medicare Claims, which provides instant and secure automated claims processing and remittance advices.
  • Link to more than several hundred payers for eligibility verification using ABILITY | COMPLETE. This service also offers a powerful 24/7 workflow dashboard that is viewable from multiple departments and locations within your system.

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