A fresh approach to physician and clinical scheduling

Scheduling physicians and providers is and will always be complex. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or time consuming. ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician, a next generation, cloud-based approach to scheduling transforms complexity into smart, user-friendly interactions, letting sophisticated rules engines and powerful features do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Mobile access allows you to see your schedule with the ability to track commitments, view open shifts that help fill commitments, get text/email about open shifts, swap shifts, make time off requests, all from your phone. Automated rule-based scheduling uses sophisticated algorithms that take into account individual preferences, commitment requirements such as weekends, consecutive days, even unusual patterns. Reduce overtime, overstaffing, temporary labor costs, and increase efficiency with ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician.

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You’ll connect to all of your ABILITY services via myABILITY, a SaaS delivery platform that gives you on-demand access to everything you need. The user-friendly interface features Single Sign-On (SSO), a site license delivery model (unlimited number of users), and customizable user-management allowing different profiles and permission levels to access information.

Whether it’s Medicare connectivity, revenue cycle management or eligibility services, ABILITY products can help your financial, patient access, scheduling and administrative areas work more effectively and efficiently.