Reduce rejections, get paid faster with more accurate claims


ABILITY EASE All-Payer was engineered by leveraging over a decade of experience troubleshooting EDI submission pain points to create a system that reduces first-pass rejections. It offers superior claim “scrubbing” and easily deployed custom business rules, and provides visibility to all messages from the payer and all user activity, eliminating administrative burden tracking down lost claims.

If you’re looking for comprehensive claims submission and remittance management that far outpaces the average clearinghouse, look no further. ABILITY EASE All-Payer gives you more accurate rules validation; faster, easier corrections; integration with eligibility verification; and more complete documentation. That all adds up to a better bottom line for your organization.


Connect to all of your ABILITY applications via myABILITY, a SaaS-based platform that provides you with access to applications you need to solve your most pressing administrative and clinical challenges. Whether you need RCM, clinical management or performance improvement support, ABILITY can help your financial, billing and overall operations work more effectively and efficiently.